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Tactical Water Machine
Tactical Water Machine
Tactical Water machine
Produces 150 to 360 gallons of fresh water a day

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) offers Tactical water purification in either 150 or 360 gallons a day. This solution is an affordable, lightweight and compact watermaker in a shock-resistant, non-corrosive case, ready to plug in and run. The unit can run on 12V DC or 24V DC powered by a battery which can charge from a vehicle, generator, solar grid or other source.

The Water Machine produces 150 to 360 gallons of fresh water a day from salt, brackish or fresh water from a bay, well, lake or river. It comes complete and ready to run, and includes a factory-mounted high-pressure, Clark™ pump, a 20 inch RO membrane, feed pump, pressure gauge, flow meter, and salinity monitor.

Tactical Water Machines are designed to treat water for disaster relief, emergencies, expeditions, military, and recreation.

External Dimensions LxWxH 81x56x40mm (32x22x16 in)
Weight Water Machine 150 - 71 lb (32kg) / Aquifer 360 - 80 lb (36kg)
Water Machine 150M Output with 77°F/25°C seawater Gallons per - Day/Hr 150 / 6.3 Liters per Day / Hr - 568 / 24
Water Machine 360 Output with 77°F/25°C seawater Gallons per - Day/Hr 360 / 15 Liters per Day / Hr - 1368 / 57
Pump Horsepower 1/8
Watt/Hr per Gallon 17
Amp/Hr per Gallon (12VDC) 1.4
Water Machine 150M Current Draw 9 Amps
Water Machine 360M Current Draw 20 Amps
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